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I made this entire song on my phone with no special mic. I made beats with GarageBand, wrote lyrics in Notepad, took images from my actual phone photos and memes, and received help from people on Facebook answering a request for five second videos. I shot and edited everything else myself with Videoleap. Vocals are actual video vocals. It was streamed earlier tonight during the virtual SoFA Music Festival, along with the Hatchery and Flowerbox videos. I can still use your help: Watch on your full-size monitor if possible and send me feedback and send me up to 10 seconds of you, if you would like. Anything that represents what you consider civilized! Email me at

I appreciate the inspiration to create these lil song/visual art projects! I would truly love to thank:

Rush Stark

Burkey YO

Heather Mullin

Ramón Ramírez

Joy Jaco


Marc Wendt

Darwin Meiners

Becky Repka


All pets

J Ross Parrelli

Allison Frenzel



Emily Hope Parker

Derek Christian

Bryon Stiky-tips

Bessie Lombardo

Bella Jade

Gwenyth Shears

Asha Shears

Sorry if I missed anyone. Let me know if I did. Stay tuned. If you don’t see yourself and you sent video, it’s probably ready to be included in the next part.

Tips are appreciated!

This is just the beginning. It will grow as I learn the know.

I present to you.


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