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"With Tsumnu M.U.R.A.L.S., we're passionate about 'Making Unique Regional Art a Learning Skill' through our mural painting, community workshops, and consulting services. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities through the transformative power of art. We consult, create, and educate, bridging the gap between creativity and education. Discover the beauty of regional artistry as we help you master the skill of mural creation, unlocking a world of artistic expression and storytelling. Our skilled artists are proficient in a wide range of mediums, from spray cans to airbrush to paintbrushes, ensuring that your vision comes to life in the most captivating and personalized way. Join us on a journey where every stroke of the brush, whether it's a spray, an airbrush, or a paintbrush, is a step toward creating, learning, and inspiring through the vibrant medium of murals."

"In 2021, Sacramento State made a resolute commitment to becoming an antiracist and inclusive campus.

The 2022 BELIEVING Campus Murals event marked the inception of a multiyear mural project in alignment with the University’s Antiracism and Inclusive Campus Plan (AICP).

The first phase, BELIEVING, signifies acknowledging the challenges we face and collectively taking action to address them. Phase two, BECOMING, represents our aspiration to transform into an antiracist, inclusive, and anti-oppression campus. This transformation encompasses policies, procedures, perspectives, and practices, allowing our very BEING to reflect our shared humanity in all its splendid diversity and instilling a true sense of belonging.

Tsumnu Consulted on this event and served as the site coordinator for the talented artists involved. To learn more about the event and its impact, click on the image directly above.

These murals, crafted by students, staff, faculty, administrators, alumni, and community members, breathe life into the essence of our campus community's journey and its ongoing evolution. As we continue to grow together, new murals will grace the walls of Santa Clara Hall each year, serving as a visual testament to our collective commitment to progress and unity."

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